Retake Policy

Assessment Retake Policy

Assessments are the ultimate display of what you know. If you take an assessment and score a “2” or less, you must retake all or part of the assessment at the assigned time on the assigned date. You will be given multiple chances to retake, with intermittent tutoring and other interventions, until you can demonstrate that you have mastered the skill.

Before a student can retake part of or an entire assessment, he or she must first:

  1. Make parent aware of original score via parent signature, email, text, or phone call.

  2. Complete one or more of the following interventions:

    1. Self-corrections: I understand the material and simply need to correct mistakes.

    2. Reflection: I don’t understand all or part of the material, so I am walking the teacher through my thinking by explaining how I arrived at the answer(s).

    3. Working Lunch: I need additional help and am willing to work with my teacher during lunch to get better understanding.

    4. Tutoring: I need additional help and am willing to come during Advisory or stay after school to get a better understanding.

    5. Practice Assignments: I am willing to take work home to practice the skill before I take my assessment retake.

*Teachers reserve the right to assign additional interventions as necessary to ensure students are successful.*