7th Science
This science course will introduce topics that will assist you in everyday life along with further preparing you for advanced science courses. Some of the topics that will be covered are:  Astronomy, Force, Motion, and Work, Electric & Magnetic Energy, Measurement & Inquiry.

1—100 pg. Graphing composition notebook

1—1.25 oz Elmer’s glue bottle

1—Pair of Scissors

Scotch Tape dispensers

Color pencil Packages

Black/Blue Ink Pens

Pencil Packages


Grading Ink Pens, colors other than black/blue

Pencil bag/box



7th Grade School Supply List


The following list has been compiled by the Seventh Grade Core Teachers. Therefore, there may be additional supplies needed for exploratory or specials classes.  All quantities are approximate as how long your student has them depends on their individual use and ability to keep track of their materials.  With that, materials may need to be replenished throughout the school year.


1—100 pg. Graphing composition notebook ~ can be found at Wal-Mart

2—100 pg. Composition notebook

2—100 pg. Spiral notebook

1—1.25 oz Elmer’s glue bottle ~ can be found at Price Chopper

3-4—4 oz Elmer’s glue bottles for refilling throughout the school year

1—Pair of Scissors

2—Scotch Tape dispensers (for the school year)

2— Color pencil Packages (for the school year)

3—Yellow highlighters (for the school year)

1—Handheld Pencil Sharpener

5+—Black/Blue Ink Pen Packages (for the school year)

5+—Pencil Packages (for the school year)

2—Eraser Packages

1—Grading Ink Pens Package, colors other than black/blue

1—Flash drive, if you do not have the internet

1—Pencil bag/box

1—5x7 Index cards

1—Pair of INEXPENSIVE Earbuds ~ can be found at The Dollar Tree.  We are not responsible for the loss, theft, or destruction of headphones or earbuds.