August 2019
Welcome back to another year at University Academy. I am so happy to see all out students returning and am looking forward to make art with them once again.
Some new additions to Art this year are a lot more choice-based projects for which the students will have the option of choosing materials and themes for their art. Since art is creative expression, I want our young artists to have the privilege of choosing how their art will look and what it will be made with.

 December 2018
Students have been working hard to finish up projects they been working on this quarter. 5th graders applied converging lines to drawing their names, which gives it a 3-dimensional look.
4th graders mastered how to fold a circle of paper into six equal parts in order to create natural-looking snowflakes. They learned how to use a protractor to measure 60 and 120 degree angles, as well as experimented with centimeters. 3rd graders made buildings by folding paper into rectangular prisms and designing the outside to resemble buildings in a city.
2nd grade finished out the quarter with painting their fruit still lives made from observational drawing and shading. 
1st graders made wearable art using rubbings from leaf plates and cutting leaves colored by blending colors. These were made into paper Autumn hats that could be worn.
Kindergarteners are still learning skills like tracing, filling in with color, cutting and glueing. We are spending a lot of time with shapes and using them to make images on paper, whether realistic or abstract. We still have a lot to do regarding cutting and gluing, but they are enjoying the creating, which is necessary in order to open oneself up to creative expression. 
I'm looking forward to a new year with our student artists and seeing what they learn and how they apply it to their own lives. 

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays
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