What are we learning this week?

Week of Feb 27th - March 3rd

Wax Museum coming - March 9th 5pm!

READING - Time to research! We are well into our non-fiction biography unit. We will be studying the biography genre, learning characteristics of a biography, reading several mini-biographies of important black Americans, and learning how to locate the important "W" questions (who, when, what, where, why, etc) on each person from a biography. Then each student will be researching and creating a mini-biography report on one famous black American for our "Wax Museum" on March 9th! Each student will become their famous person that day, able to recite important information on this person. Your child will even dress like this person! It is a really fun project and event you won't want to miss.

In guided reading each student goes through four stations. One station is typically independent reading, one station is with me getting small group instruction at their reading level, one station is independent seatwork (working independently on the focus skills, grammar, comprehension, spelling, writing), and one is iPads (one day for phonics/decoding, reading comprehension, vocab, and writing.)

ENGLISH- We will focus on informative biography writing to complement our non-fiction biography unit. We continue to fine tune and master writing paragraphs (how a paragraph contains a topic sentence, supporting details with transition words, a closing, and uses great vocabulary and conventions).

In grammar we are focusing on the apostrophe and how we use it for contractions and to show possession. We will continue to review nouns, verbs and adjectives as well as continuing to make sure our sentences have proper conventions and agreement.

PHONICS-We are reviewing contractions. We will also do word work in which we review our consonant-vowel-consonant rule, vowel tags, magic e, r controlled, rules etc. as well as the long vowel sounds a (ai, ay, eigh)  e (ee, ea, ey, ei)  i (igh, y, ie), o (oa, oe, ow) and u (ew, ue, oo, ui).

MATH-  We are now on our measurement unit. We will learn how to measure things properly, we will compare various measuring tools as well as different systems of measurement (ie inches and centimeters), we will learn to estimate measurements, and we will demonstrate measurement on a number line. We continue working with "t-charts" to solve math word problems (highlighting measurement problems now) and "Simple Solutions" to practice of all our math standards.
Kids can practice math with "Ten Marks" for math practice at home. The link is on my website. There are assignments they can complete each week. They can also practice math facts on the facts links. Math facts MUST be memorized by now. Some still do not know their facts, and it is affecting their speed and accuracy in their computation.

SCIENCE/SOCIAL STUDIES-  In Social Studies we are studying different methods of both transportation and communication throughout history, and in science we will learn about which materials are best suited to do certain things.
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