What are we learning this week?

Weeks of Oct. 9-13th and Oct 16-20th

READING - We are beginning our first novel study. We will be reading Horrible Harry and the Triple Revenge. Focus skills will be identifying (and differentiating the difference between) the main idea and details and using context clues to determine new word meaning. Continued skills we will build upon: Using the text to find answers and support our opinions. Using text to determine and support character traits. Summarizing a story using a "Five Finger Talk." 

In guided reading each student goes through four stations. One station is with me getting small group instruction at your child's reading level, one station is independent seatwork (working independently on the focus skills that week, grammar, comprehension, spelling, vocabulary, or writing, etc.), one is iPads (one day for phonics/decoding, reading comprehension, vocabulary, and writing.) Students are also now using Chromebooks to go onto Reading Eggs and Raz- kids for reading comprehension practice.

ENGLISH/LANGUAGE ARTS- We are learning all about verbs in grammar. In writing we are well into writing paragraphs as we learn the characteristics of and discuss what makes a good paragraph (topic sentence, supporting detail sentences with transition words, a closing, complete sentences, showing great vocabulary and conventions). We will also be writing friendly letters with pen pals from another school at least once a month!

PHONICS-We are working on doubling the consonant in a short vowel word when adding a suffix (ie run becomes running) as well as eliminating the silent e when adding a suffix to long vowel word. (ie take becomes taking)

MATH-  We are almost at mastery of addition with regrouping, then we will begin subtraction. Also, we continue to practice our the "number of the day" for practice on 1/10/100 more/less of a number, written and expanded form, and skip counting. We create our "t-charts" daily to solve math word problems and "Simple Solutions" to practice of all our math standards. 

Kids can work on "Reading Eggs," "Raz Kids," "Ten Marks," and "Front Row" programs at home on their tablet or computer. The links are on my website. They can also practice addition and subtraction math facts on the facts links. Math facts MUST be memorized. No more finger counting in second grade!

SCIENCE/SOCIAL STUDIES-  In Science we will be studying how to build bridges and structures. In Social Studies we will be studying African and Native American folktales.
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