What are we learning this week?


Important dates:
Field Trip to Nelson: Dec 5th
Math Benchmark: Dec 6th
Holiday Program: Dec 12th at 6pm
Last day before break/Early Dismissal Day: Dec 21st

READING - In whole group reading, we are reading our second novel ​Stone Fox.​ Focus skills will be identifying (and differentiating the difference between) the main idea and details and using context clues to determine new word meaning. We will also highlight character study and how a character responds to events in a story using textual evidence. Continued skills we will build upon: Using the text to find answers and support our opinions. Using text to determine and support character traits. Summarizing a story or a chapter using a "Five Finger Talk." (First, then, next, also or after, last, etc.) 

In GUIDED READING each student goes through four stations. 
-IPads (vocabulary, writing, phonics, and comprehension)
-Chromebooks (Raz-Kids and Reading Eggs)
-Mrs. Truog (small group reading by individual levels, based on SRI and F and P results)
-Seatwork (writing, spelling, comprehension, grammar)

ENGLISH/LANGUAGE ARTS- We will be moving on from verbs and moving into adjectives.

In writing we write paragraphs weekly as we learn the characteristics of and discuss what makes a good paragraph (topic sentence, supporting detail sentences with transition words, a closing, complete sentences, showing great vocabulary and conventions). We have been learning about the difference between a narrative, persuasive and informational paragraph. There is also reader response writing during the week. Finally, we also write friendly letters with pen pals from another school at least once a month!

PHONICS- We are working on vowel tags as well as reviewing our phonics rules so far. (Complex endings, prefixes, suffixes, magic e, doubling the consonant when the vowel is short, vowel teams, soft c/g, complex fronts, syllable rules etc.)

MATH-  We are finishing subtraction of up to 3 digit numbers with regrouping and beginning money. Students should be able to identify coins and coin amounts,  count change, and add and subtract money. Also, we continue to practice our the "number of the day" for practice on 1/10/100 more/less of a number, written and expanded form, and skip counting. We create our "t-charts" daily to solve math word problems and "Simple Solutions" to practice of all our math standards.  

Kids can work on "Reading Eggs," "Raz Kids," "Ten Marks," and "Front Row" programs at home on their tablet or computer. The links are on my website. They can also practice addition and subtraction math facts on the facts links. Math facts MUST be memorized. No more finger counting in second grade!

SCIENCE/SOCIAL STUDIES-  In Science we are now studying the different states and properties of matter. In Social Studies we are studying different ways to communicate throughout history.
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