What are we learning this week?

Week of March 20-24th  

NO SCHOOL FRIDAY - Parent Teacher Conferences 9-6pm

READING - We have begun our "Poetry and Plays" unit!  It is a short but fun unit that will expose the children to the characteristics of poetry (stanzas, rhyme, rhythm, unique expression of feeling, etc.) and plays (stage directions, characters, scenes, acts, etc.). Each student will create their own original poem at the end of our unit. Some may even choose to read their poem at the UA poetry slam on April 20th!

In guided reading each student goes through four stations. One station is typically independent reading, one station is with me getting small group instruction at their reading level, one station is independent seatwork (working independently on the focus skills, grammar, comprehension, spelling, writing), and one is iPads (one day for phonics/decoding, reading comprehension, vocab, and writing.)

ENGLISH- We continue to master writing paragraphs (Knowing that a paragraph contains a topic sentence, supporting details with transition words, a closing, and uses great vocabulary and conventions) as well as writing some poetry and short scenes to act out.

In grammar we are focusing on the apostrophe and how we use it for contractions and to show possession. We will continue to review nouns, verbs and adjectives as well as continuing to make sure our sentences have proper conventions and agreement. Figurative language will also be discussed this last quarter.

PHONICS-We are reviewing the sounds ou/ow and oi/oy. We will also do word work in which we review our consonant-vowel-consonant rule, vowel tags, magic e, r controlled, rules etc. as well as the long vowel sounds a (ai, ay, eigh)  e (ee, ea, ey, ei)  i (igh, y, ie), o (oa, oe, ow) and u (ew, ue, oo, ui).

MATH-  We are now on arrays and repeated addition/multiplication. This short unit gives the kids the foundations for multiplication as we talk about groups of numbers (3 groups of 4 is the same as 4+4+4 is the same as 4x3 and can be shown in an array). We continue working with "t-charts" to solve math word problems (highlighting measurement problems now) and "Simple Solutions" to practice of all our math standards.

Kids can practice math with "Ten Marks" for math practice at home. The link is on my website. There are assignments they can complete each week. They can also practice math facts on the facts links. Math facts MUST be memorized by now. Some still do not know their facts, and it has been affecting their speed and accuracy in their computation.

SCIENCE/SOCIAL STUDIES-  In Social Studies we are comparing different communities over time periods from past to present. In Science we will be investigating a problem and trying to solve it with a new tool or object we create.
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