Classroom Clip Chart


Pink: Role Model
Purple: Great Effort
Blue: Good Work
Green: Ready to Learn
Yellow: Think About it
Orange: Teachers Choice
Red: Parent Contact

Every day, your child will bring a calendar home in their STAR Binder to inform you of their behavior for the day. The color of the sticker corresponds with our classroom behavior clip chart. For example, if your child brings home a blue sticker, it means that they ended the day on the “Good Job!!’ level of the poster.

All students start the day on Green or “Ready to Learn!” level. If your child behaves especially well, I will ask them to move their clip upward to blue or purple. If your child struggles with their behavior, I will ask them to move their name down the chart. I encourage students to correct their behaviors so they can move their clips upward on the chart!

I will ask you to please sign each box and return to school with students the following day to ensure we are on the same page! I encourage that you celebrate good behavior with your child. I also ask that you discuss with your child how they could improve their behavior at school!