Reader's Workshop- Each Reading Workshop session begins with a mini-lesson that lasts approximately 10–15 minutes. During each mini-lesson, the teacher introduces a specific concept, also known as the teaching point. Most often, the teaching point focuses on a reading strategy or skill.  The teacher will explicitly model or demonstrate the skill for the students. Students then get a chance to practice the skill or strategy on their own or with a partner.  This part of the mini-lesson is called the active engagement.

F.A.S.T-is the phonics curriculum that teaches decoding skills for phonics (letter sounds, sight words)

Math in Focus-is our math curriculum that will help students gain depth of understanding, fluency with skills and confident in problem solving. 

Writer's Workshop-is an instructional model that utilizes modeling, guided practice and independent writing practice.  The model helps student to write narratives, opinion and informational pieces.