Student & Parent Expectations

Student Behavior Expectations:‚Äč
*Respect yourself, others, and materials
*Always give your best effort!
*Follow directions the first time
*Come to class prepared and ready to learn!
*Own YOUR actions and your WORK!

--Students are responsible for writing assignments/objectives for each class in their planner each day!--

Parent Expectations:
*Check and sign planner each day
*Check ClassDOJO regularly.
(This will be used for regular communication.)
*Ask questions! (Please let us know if you have ANY questions or concerns.)

ClassDojo allows parents the opportunity to see how their child is doing in class at any point during the day.  Positive and needs-improvement behaviors are time-stamped making it easier to identify patterns and strengths throughout the day.  

  Log into your student's ClassDojo to view monitored behaviors and point values.

The 5th Grade teachers use Dojo in the following ways:

  • Track positive and negative student behaviors

    • Students will have the opportunity to earn positive points both by consistently meeting expectations and going above and beyond.

    • Students will receive negative points for failing to meet school and classroom expectations.

    • A list of behaviors we will track and their point values is attached.

  • Reward student behavior

  • Communication with families through Dojo's messaging system

    • Whole-class updates

    • Reminders about upcoming events or assignments

    • Pictures of what we’re doing in class

    • Quick individual updates or questions (can be used like text messaging)