Assignments and Homework

Classwork Policy:

Daily assignments are expected to be turned in on time.  Late work is not accepted.  In the event of an absence, students have one day for every absence to complete and turn in work.  Make-up work is the responsibility of the student to obtain and complete.


Mastery Testing Policy:

Students are expected to score 80% or above on all assessments.  In the event 80% is not reached, students are expected to complete and return a Request to Retest and given review materials to prepare for the retake prior to being able to test, again.  Retake Test scores will be averaged into the student's overall grade.



Students will receive a weekly homework packet each Monday.  The packet will be checked for completion with effort each day (T,W,Th,F). 

Homework is graded on a 2-point scale:

      2 pts – Completed with effort

      1 pt – Incomplete/good effort or Completed/little effort

      0 pts – Incomplete/little effort, blank, or missing


Current Assignments:

Living Systems Investigation 1.4: Recycling (Composting worms) 
I-Check 1 Study Guide due Thursday.
Living Systems Investigation 1 I-Check  (3/15)