Assignments and Homework

Classwork Policy:

Daily assignments are expected to be turned in on time.  In the event of an absence, students have one day for every absence to complete and turn in work.  Make-up work is the responsibility of the student to obtain and complete.


Standards-Based Grading:

Students will be assessed on specific standards.  If mastery is not achieved, students will be given additional practice to be completed before being reassessed on standards.  Extra practice may be part of classwork assignments and/or sent home as homework to be practiced with parent/guardian.



Students will receive homework in Science class as additional practice is deemed necessary.  Even if there is no formal homework, please help your student to review vocabulary used in class.


Current Assignments:

This is where you'll check out current topics being covered in Science.  Sometimes there may be links you can use to access additional practice available.

February  & March Assignments & Topics 
Inv. 1 - Water Observations: Students investigation how
           water moves on different surfaces and slopes.
Inv. 2 - Hot Water, Cold Water: Students will observe
           how temperature affects the behavior of water. 
Inv. 3 - Weather and Water:  Students explore steps of the
           water cycle and how it affects weather. 
Inv. 4 - Seasons and Climate: Students will apply what
           they've learned about water and apply it to
           different seasons and climates.  This will also
           include learning about weather-related hazards. 

Textbooks used in class:
Image result for FOSS wEB   Image result for foss water and climate