Bethni Albright


                                                                                                                  April 13, 2017

Dear Family,

     Fifth grade has officially begun taking the MAP Test!  The whole thing is nerve-wracking and exciting -- all at once!  The kiddos have worked so hard up to this point!   We've studied how Earth interacts with other objects in space, how water moves throughout the water cycle, how scientists study weather, how to separate a variety of mixtures and solutions, movement amongst combinations of objects, energy in various situations including the effect on States of Matter and how energy moves through ecosystems.  There have been many more topics throughout the year!

   We've taken on exciting adventures in building models of the Water Cycle, developing plans to investigate separating mixtures and solutions, and learning about relationships across the living and nonliving things on Earth.  We have some new friends in our class that we've watched grow and develop.  Late 3rd Quarter, we had 5 caterpillars and 500 Red Wiggler worms join our class!   These have both been entertainment over the past month or so!  

    Our caterpillars came to us as babies, and grew over the next few weeks!  Over spring break, they formed their chrysalises, and the day before conferences, we had our first butterfly flutter its wings during Vanderbilt's class!  During conferences the next day, all five had emerged transformed!  The kiddos have had such a great time checking on them each day!

    As for our worms!  We have the worms split into 4 composting jars.  We've now found what happens when the jars are too moist! (Icky mites join the group!)  As soon as we are done testing, we'll brainstorm ways to make the jars more sustainable for 

    For the remainder of the school year, we will be continuing our unit on living things.  We've got a fun investigation to follow up everything, if time allows, on attention and brain responses!  I truly hope we can finish up, so the students can play with and learn how their reflexes work in response to various stimuli!

    It's been a great year, and it saddens me to think it's almost over!  Although the MAP Test will be over for Science in another week, we've got a lot more to cover in preparation for SIXTH GRADE!!!  Thank you for all the support given to our team this year!  We appreciate you sharing your kiddos with us!

Thank you, 
Bethni Albright

Book Orders

We are collecting book orders to turn in ANYTIME!!!

Book order flyers will be sent home as they are available, however, you can now order online with ease of ordering from any catalog.  I am hoping we are able to earn enough bonus points to update our classroom novels.  In the past, we've been able to purchase needed novels for a reading unit, add new books to classroom libraries, and get book samples for students.  Thank you parents for your support!

The online Scholastic code is HYDTG.  You can access and order online using this code.  Please let me know if you have any questions.