Learning Standards

I can decode words using knowledge of a variety of letter-sound correspondences, patterns, and morphology. I can follow a follow a writing process to plan a first draft by using a prewriting strategy. I can choose an appropriate organizational structure when creating a multiple paragraph text. I can reread, revise, and edit my drafts of writing I can use technology to produce and publish writing. I can state an opinion or establish a position and provide reasons in an opinion text. I can refer to the name of the author or name of the source used for details or facts included in the text I can develop the topic into supporting paragraphs from sources when writing an informative writing piece. I can create a concluding paragraph related to information when developing an informative writing piece. I can organize an event sequence that unfolds naturally to establish a beginning, middle, and end when writing a narrative piece I can use a variety of transitions to manage the sequence of events when writing a narrative piece I can analyze how patterns of the organization of a text influence the relationship. I can formulate and refine an open-ended research question I can assess the relevance, accuracy, and reliability of information. I can differentiate between paraphrasing and plagiarism. I can explain the eight parts of speech.

I can pose and respond to specific questions to clarify. 

I can follow up on information and make comments that contribute to the discussion.

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