Behavioral Expectations
Student behavior will be recorded in their binder every night that you will need to sign. I use a color coded system. 

Purple: Student was a role model to his/her classmates. Amazing behavior.

Pink: Student had excellent behavior today.

Blue: Student performed well at school today. They made excellent choices.

Green: Student has followed the rules and shown respectful and responsible behavior for most of the day. Good work!

Yellow: Student has been given some redirects for behavior. The student will conference privately with Ms. Miller about appropriate behavior and may have a consequence. Note will be sent home in binder specifying what happened. 

Orange: Student has been warned multiple times and/or has had to go to the buddy room for inappropriate/disruptive behavior until he/she was able to return to class. Student may bring a "Think Sheet" home from the day to be signed by parent and returned.

Red: Student has had a severe behavioral issue that required administration to be notified. Parents will be notified by administration. 

If there are behavioral concerns, we will work together to find a solution so your child is successful at school. Consult the UA handbook for detailed information on disciplinary rules.

Class Dojo will be used to communicate back and forth with parents. I encourage parents to contact me via Dojo anytime, and I will always respond usually the same day and if not, within 24 hours.