Second Grade
Second Grade will meet on Thursdays. We will be learning how to formulate meaningful questions using a tool called Think Trix based on the ways of thinking in Bloom's Taxonomy.

Advanced Studies' activities and focuses are designed to develop students' abilities to think globally and become creative problem solvers. Our main theme will be Innovation and Invention -- how is it possible to come up with new ideas? How does that happen? I want these students to be the ones who are creative enough to wrestle with the issues surrounding climate change.

We will begin the year with beginning to think about children around the world. How are we the same? How are we different? 

We will focus on the student first then move outward. What do I need? What do we all need? Why should people in America care about people in other countries? How and why should we take care of the Earth? How is everything connected?

For science-related background development, we will use Kids Discover online and the Magic School Bus series.

I use centers and games for logical reasoning, spatial development, mathematical thinking, and cooperative learning. 

I use stories and activities to encourage empathy and kindness.

We will also be working to improve vocabulary and appreciation of our rich language.