Behavior Management
 Clip System
1st Warning-verbal warning
2nd warning- clip moved to yellow and your child moves to the “watching chair/safe seat” to think about what choices they will make to rejoin the community.
3rd warning-clip moved to red and your child is sent to a buddy room to fill out a think sheet and have a time out away from the community.
4th warning- a phone call will be made, child will be expected to speak to the parent about the choices they have been making. Your child may be sent to the office with an office referral depending on the infraction.

Class Dojo
This year we will be focusing on building important life skills such as teamwork, helping others, working hard and participating.  This is my first year using the Class Dojo App so it is a learning process for all of us.
Ill be using ClassDojo to give students feedback on these skills :)
ClassDojo is the easiest way to see your childs progress on these skills.
Ill be sending classroom updates and photos to you through ClassDojo, too!
Check ClassDojo regularly.
Keep me updated on how your child is doing at home.
Encourage the life skills we are working on in class outside of school.