What Do the Counselors Do?

What do the school counselors do? 

  • Teach about social-emotional and career related topics.
  • Help students find personal and academic solutions individually or in a group.
  • Work with students, parents, and teachers to create the best environment for the students.
  • Help students with concerns or non-medical emergencies.

How do they do this?

  • Classroom lessons: One of the school counselors will come to the classroom to teach students character traits, social-emotional skills, career readiness, or address school topics, this will happen approximately twice a month.
  • Individual counseling: This is for students who are struggling with an individual issue, which may include family or school issues, trouble with friends, problems succeeding in the classroom, or various other things.
  • Group counseling: Sometimes several of our students face the same challenges. These group counseling sessions are offered to help students learn from one another and grow together.