Bethni Albright

November 14, 2017, 

We are now beginning the last investigation in our Earth and Sun module: The Water Cycle.  This unit is a lot of fun as we explore what makes it rain and snow!  For several years now, the 5th grade students have created a Water Cycle model to end the unit.  This year, models will be due on November 30th.  Students may bring them in beginning on the Monday the 27th, but no models will be accepted after November 30th.

A few reminders:  Please be sure we are still following the Lower School Dress Code.  
   - Students may wear navy blue or white long sleeved shirts under their collared shirts.  
   - Ladies may wear navy blue or white leggings under uniforms skirts or jumpers.
   - Students should always have shirts tucked in and wearing a belt with appropriate pants.
   - Students may wear navy blue or white cardigan sweaters over collared shirts.
   - Students may wear a University Academy sweatshirt/hoodie over appropriate collared shirts. 
   - Students may not wear jackets/coats in classrooms or hallways.

It is also very important that planners are being filled out by students daily and signed by parents each night.  Please also be sure to check DOJO for updates on behavior, as well as, any important messages your student's teachers may send.  These are the two easiest ways for us to communicate with you.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me via DOJO or by email for the quickest response!  I want to thank you for sharing your kiddos with us! 

Bethni Albright

Book Orders

We are collecting book orders to turn in ANYTIME!!!

Book order flyers will be sent home as they are available, however, you can now order online with ease of ordering from any catalog.  I am hoping we are able to earn enough bonus points to update our classroom novels.  In the past, we've been able to purchase needed novels for a reading unit, add new books to classroom libraries, and get book samples for students.  Thank you parents for your support!

The online Scholastic code is HYDTG.  You can access and order online using this code.  Please let me know if you have any questions.