3rd Grade Math Standards - I Can Statements

3rd Grade Math Standard "I Can Statements" 
These are the standards that will be assessed for mastery.   

MATH and Problem Solving “I can” Statements


1 I can read, write, and identify place value of whole numbers through 100,000 using digits, number names, and expanded form.

1 I can round numbers to the nearest ten and hundred’s place in a five-digit number

1 I can fluently add/subtract three and four-digit numbers up to 9,999 using multiple strategies

1 I can determine whether an estimate or an exact number is needed to solve a problem.

1 I can identify and explain patterns with numbers.


2 I can represent and solve problems involving multiplication and division within 100.

2 I can interpret products and quotients of whole numbers.

2 I can describe in words or drawings a problem that shows a multiplication or division situation.

2 I can find the unknown number in a multiplication or division equation.

2 I can apply properties of multiplication and the relationship between multiplication and division.

2 I can multiply and divide within 100 (10×10) using strategies that relate multiplication to division.

2 I can demonstrate fluency with products within 100 (up to 10×10).


3 I can determine the value of unit fractions.

3 I can identify the numerator and denominator.

3 I can place fractions on a number line.

3 I can recognize and create equivalent fractions.

3 I can compare two fractions with the same numerator or denominator.

3 I can partition shapes into parts with equal areas, and determine the area of each part as a unit fraction.

3 I can create and analyze graphs (line plots, pictographs, bar graphs)

3 I can solve one- and two-step problems using information presented in graphs.


4 I can solve problems involving measurement and estimation of intervals of time, liquid volumes, and masses of objects.

4 I can tell time to the nearest minute.

4 I can solve problems involving elapsed time

4 I can measure or estimate length, liquid volume, and weight of objects.

4 I can calculate area and perimeter by using unit squares to cover a figure and label area measurements as square units.

4 I can determine area using multiplication

4 I can decompose a rectangle into smaller rectangles to find the area of the original rectangle.

4 I can solve problems involving perimeter and area

4 I can identify and classify various types of polygons/ quadrilaterals using their attributes

4 I can solve problems involving the four operations.

4 I can write and solve two-step problems involving unknown numbers using any of the four operations.