Ms. Shobe's Philosophy Statement

I believe that all children deserve the opportunity to learn in an environment that is warm, safe, and loving. An environment that celebrates uniqueness and creativity with an emphasis on respect, trust, and positivity. I believe it is my duty to show children how they are contributors in this world, and that their voices--all of them--matter. It is my desire to remain goal oriented while encouraging all children to measure and celebrate their growth in all facets of their education including social, emotional, and academic. Children should also be encouraged to celebrate their unique cultures. They should feel comfortable enough to celebrate each other’s successes and attempts in the classroom, as well as their own. I believe that children should feel like part of a community and have a sense of togetherness and friendship with their peers, feeling comfortable enough to share and celebrate their cultures with the classroom community. I will do everything in my power to incorporate as much of their cultures (and others) into my classroom, because learning about other cultures around the world is one way to ensure not only that the students are being treated equitably, but also that they are learning to treat others that way as well.                  

The four values that are necessary for establishing this type of community are: 

  1. Consistent positive reinforcement
  2. Teacher as model
  3. Social-Emotional emphasis throughout all parts of the day
  4. Celebrating unique cultures by incorporating into classroom especially through literacy, music, and community projects.