Behavior Plan

Advanced Studies Behavior Plan 2019-20

Jackie DiPasquale, Instructor

Lower School has adopted a new system of addressing behaviors contrary to learning this year. It is called Conscious Discipline and focuses on the teacher remaining composed when students make the wrong behavior choices.

Mrs. DiPasquale’s

Discipline Rules for Herself

  • Involve students in decision-making about consequences for disruptions and disturbing behavior.
  • Have one-on-one discussions with students about behaviors.
  • Stay calm and keep my voice calm.
  • Allow students to apologize to the class for disruptions and allow the class to forgive the students.

Students are responsible for maintaining an atmosphere of learning and camaraderie. They will determine the consequences of breaking the rules as a class. Basic rules:

Take turns contributing to the conversation

Listen respectfully to each other; use silent agreements and celebrations

Work cooperatively; help each other as a team

Pay attention to the teacher

Be on task Be serious about learning

Accept feedback and consequences calmly

Be industrious

Use “inside” voices

Use self-control or bring oneself back to center when excited

Being in Advanced Studies is as a privilege given to few students. We have a short time together and a lot of important skills to learn.

As such, students are held to a high standard.

I will be using Class Dojo to keep stay in touch with parents and to track points that can be redeemed for special things.