Behavior/Parent Expectations

I believe that children learn best in a 
positive, nurturing environment where respect, responsibility and good manners are supreme.  I set the tone for this environment by modeling respect, responsibility and good manners, explicitly teaching and reviewing our class expectations, and using positive rewards and consequences to reinforce these behaviors.  It is important for each child to develop self-discipline and good work habits, resolve conflicts peacefully, and think independently.  The goal of the classroom discipline plan is to guide each student to make good choices about his/her behavior. 

The main expectations for behavior in class are:
-to try hard and do your "personal" best
-follow all directions and guidance the first time it is given
-keep hands and feet in your own personal space
-treat others with respect. 

We will be using positive dojo points this year to promote a positive learning environment. The points that students may earn follow the overall expectations of 4th grade. 

Consequence Procedure
  1. Warning
  2. Safe seat  - 5 minutes normed
  3. Buddy Room - 10 minutes normed
  4. Office Referral
Throughout the year students will be able to earn incentives for positive behavior. The most consistent incentive is Fun Friday. This time is a structured activity planned by the teacher that rewards students who have had a positive week. These activities can be, but are not limited to, extra recess time, movie time, bring a snack from home, classroom stores, prizes, and so much more.  

In order for students to participate in Fun Friday's they will need a Dojo score of at least 25 points that week AS WELL AS their homework needs to be turned in by that Friday to participate. 

Parent/Guardian Expectations 
We all know that educating a child takes more than one person; it takes a village of individuals that care to see the student do well. As the parent or guardian, you will be a key player in the success of your student this year. You will be expected to:
-provide a safe and nurturing home environment with adequate nourishment and rest
-ensure that your student is on time and attends school regularly
-encourage your student to solve conflicts in positive ways
-establish a time for homework and review it with them
-maintain an interest in what your student is learning as well as knowing their progress in school
-communicate and work with school staff to support, encourage, and challenge your student.