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Welcome to the place where Music makes the world go around. My name is Mr. Upton, and I am the music teacher for K-5 here at University Academy. I am excited about leading your child in a wonderful exploration of music this year. This will begin my 9th year teaching music. I am passionate and committed to the success of your child’s learning experience. I will create opportunities for your child to discover and display their gifts and abilities to sing and speak publicly, subsequently, building a high level of self-confidence. “It’s a great day to be a GRYPHON.”

I completed my general studies at KCK Community College and earned a degree in Christian Education and Pastoral Care from Western Baptist Bible College. I have been married to my wife for 20 years and from that union were born 5 children, ranging from 19-12 years of age.    

I am looking forward to getting to know you and your child as we begin to grow a strong work relationship this year.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me through the school’s main number 412-5900 ext.5945 or email

Class Procedures and Expectations

1. Entering the room: Enter quietly and politely. Sit in assigned seats and follow the directions on the board.

2. Lining up: Follow the directions of the conductor. Face the door and exit quietly, n in the order you are standing. The front row exits first without touching others or talking. They meet their teacher at the door and prepare to use hallway expectations.

3. Participating in group lessons: Do not bring anything with you unless I ask you to; always give your best practice for performance;  listen carefully for new information; raise your hand to speak; do not speak when someone else is speaking.

When and how to use the school restroom: 
We have a code to signal for the restroom (crossed fingers). I will point to you to signal my permission, so that group lesson is not interrupted.  If I say "no," it’s because there are too many students out of the room; leave the room quietly; do not play in the restroom; return to class before two minutes have passed (promptly). One boy and one girl, at most,  are out of the room at a time. If there is a bathroom emergency, always go, no matter what.

When and how to use the pencil sharpener: 
At the beginning of each assignment, the person I've chosen to be the "Pencil Sharpener"; only the "Pencil Sharpener" can run the sharpener and empty it.

Getting a tissue: 
You may get a tissue from the closest tissue box whenever you need one; just raise  your hand  and ask; throw the used tissue away immediately; make sure it lands in the trash can; get right back to work your  position.  

7. Visitors in the classroom: When visitors enter the room, let the designated classroom "host" or "hostess" greet them; a smile is great!; remember, most visitors are here to watch you learn, so be ready to explain what you are working on; treat visitors respectfully.

8. Fire drill: Stop everything; stand up and lineup, just like when we exit the room. Our “host or hostess” will grab or emergency card, then join the back of the line. You should be facing the front, silently, so that we may hear any directions given to us on the intercom. We will proceed through the back door. We are the closest to an exit, which means we need to be out of the school before other classes or we will be blocked in. Any student who does not follow these directions during a fire drill Will receive a write up.

9. Signals for attention When I need your attention, I will clap my hands followed by the statement, “Listen to the room”; as soon as you hear the signal, stop what you are doing, look at me, and listen for directions.

10. Helping other students: In a cooperative classroom, it is good to help one another; if someone needs help with directions or reading an assignment, help him or her if you are able; if someone needs help with understanding the problem, tell him or her to ask me for help; never put down another student who asks for help.

11. Buddy room/ Safe seat: Students should NEVER feel in trouble, if they stay in my room. Students have 2 options for in room recovery. Student can complete reflection sheet, or creates a comic to walk through an alternative situation. We should only use these places once per class for only the time we need to recover. Students should return as soon as they are ready. If they do not return, teacher will check on them, and encourage them to return quickly. If student does not take advantage of these tasks they will be sent to a buddy room. Only at last resort they will be sent to the office.

Class Schedule

1st hour (2nd grade): 8:20-9:10am
2nd hour (5th grade): 9:20-10:10am
3rd hour (1st grade): 10:20-11:10am
Lunch: 11:10-11:40pm
4th hour (3rd grade): 11:40-12:30pm
5th hour (Kindergarten): 12:40-1:30pm
6th hour (4th grade): 1:40-2:30pm


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